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The use of this web site is bound to conditions, like the use of data (copyright). A Privacy Code regulates how we deal with your data.

The Stichting Habets Genealogieën (the SHG, the Habets Genealogies Foundation) manages this website. By visiting and using this website, you accept these conditions.

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The Dutch Protection Personal Data Law stipulates that personal data can only be used for the aim for which they have been requested and that they only come under eyes of people for whom they are intended. The law gives you the right to look into the data stored about you, to improve, complete or to remove these data and to make inquiries about to who the data has been supplied.
The SHG keeps data files concerning the genealogy (pedigree) of family members and direct relatives of the Habets family. The SHG will restrict publication of these data, in any form and at any time, to data concerning non-living persons. Data about living persons will only be delivered to their direct relatives. One exception of this is the publication of the Genealogical Index on the website of the SHG. This index only contains 'public' data of all persons who occur in the genealogical database, where dates are restricted to the year. The SHG will never sell or give inspection of data concerning living persons to third parties.
For statistic aims visitor statistics of our website are kept. Information such as visit numbers and visit frequency is used for internal research and for improvement of the website. This information is however of general nature and cannot lead to an individual visitor. The identity of the visitor remains at any time unknown.

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This website can contain links to other websites that do not stand under control of the SHG. The SHG is certainly not responsible for the contents of those websites. Such links are only provided to please the user of this website, and showing a link to a website cannot be explained as such that the SHG would endorse the contents of that website.

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The contents of this website may be only used for either non-commercial or personal purposes. The user of the site is not permitted to multiply the contents of the site by forwarding, distributing, spreading or making available against allowance to third parties, without the explicit, written, authorisation of the SHG.