Family data, overview

Some pieces of information about the Habets family and the genealogy database that is managed by the Stichting Habets Genealogieën (Habets Genealogy Foundation).


The family name

The ancient Limburg's (province in The Netherlands) line Habets probably has it origin in Wijnands­rade, in the area of Haesdal-Aalbeek-Hulsberg. Even before 1500 there was a fief in Wijnands­rade called "Der Habet". At that time, this fief could possible have been the family estate. More (in Dutch Nederlands) »

The family coat of arms

What does the family coat of arms look like and where has it been used for the first time? More (in Dutch ) »

Heraldry, also called blazonry, is the science of studying the origin and the use of family coats of arms. More (in Dutch ) »

We have built a genealogy database comprising all family members and close relatives who are known to us. At this moment the database contains over 15 000 names. The database is being extended and updated all the time; this is one of the main activities of the Habets Genealogy Foundation. More (in Dutch ) »

To see if certain persons are stored in the database, you can have a look in a stripped version of the data set: the Genealogy Index.