Activities, overview



September 2005

We have stopped all activities

This means that this website will be closed and that the family data will no longer be updated. Reports of inaccuracies of and requests for family data updates will not be handled anymore. Also, we will no longer delever family tree data.


(More in Nieuws 2015-09-25 [Dutch])







The purpose of the foundation is recording the genealogical data of the Habets family and their close relatives, including dissemination of the results to the people concerned. To reach this objective, the activities described here are performed.

Basically, we perform the following activities:

  • managing the genealogical database;
  • delivering special products and services to family members and their close relatives.

These activities are detailed below.

top Managing the genealogical database

The completion of the genealogical database and keeping it up-to-date is an activity that takes quite an effort. Apart from tracing family members that are not registered yet, the processing of mutations takes lots of work. You can help us with this by reporting changes and additions via the Contact us page.

Refer to the Genealogy page for more information.

top Products and services

(Currently under revision, see Dutch page.)

If you have ideas or wishes, do not hesitate to let us know (see Contact us).

top Organizing reunions

In the past, we organized a number of family reunions already (see History of the foun­dation).